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 Radio Church of God Era






No Bible Contradictions 

17 min









Downfall of USA 

73 min



78 min


Summary of Acts 

80 min




Ecclesiastes 30 min


A Time of Crime 

30 min









The Story of Adam  

30 min


Panorama of the Bible 1   2   3   4   5   

30 min


How Would Jesus Vote  

30 min





1975 in Prophecy 1   -  1975 in Prophecy 2  (glitches)

30 min


Just What is God

30 min


Life in the USA  

30 min


The Gospel Series 1 (clicky)  -  The Gospel Series 2

30 min


What is Education 

29 min


Why Bible Prophecy  (faulty at 15-21min)

30 min





Child Rearing  (Damaged intro)

27 min


From West Berlin  

30 min


The Fourth Commandment (Glitch@5min)

30 min


What is a Real Christian

30 min


Christ's Coming

30 min


True Education (Damaged)

29 min


The Sixth Commandment (Faults)

30 min


The Eighth Commandment (Damaged)

30 min



Worldwide Church of God Era









The Real Jesus  (tv) Our successes are usually  30 min
The Gospel (tv audio) The world tomorrow will still be here  30 min


To Ruin a Marriage  If you want 

30 min





Is This the End Time-Overpopulation Well there's good news from 29 min
Is This the End Time-Jeremiah & Crime  While the United States pop 29 min
Child Rearing  Violent crime continues  29 min






What is the True Gospel 1 (tv) What is the true gospel

30 min


The Energy Crisis With the energy crisis upon us 

29 min 

The Gospel  In a world such as ours (Three steps for survival)  30 min


What is the True Gospel tv NBC News asked me

30 min


The Gospel of Jesus tv Senate investigating com

29 min

Seven Proofs God Exists  The biggest and the best 30 min





Population Explosion,
Monetary Reform
The End Time   

FMC33  FMC34  FMC35






The Financial Economy (tv) The way it's told on television

29 min

World Government is Almost Here  The end of the world is not near 30 min
Introduction to Jeremiah (tv) Think what a different world 29 min
Jeremiah 1  (tv audio) In the pre pornography days   30 min
Jeremiah 2  In a day such as ours with footprints  30 min
Misunderstandings If JesusChrist were on earth right now which church would he 30 min
The Unpardonable Sin 1  (tv) Religion is difficult to div 30 min
The Unpardonable Sin 2  Was God mad at you 30 min
The Unpardonable Sin 3  Has he really got th   30 min
Who's Authority (tv) By what authority do you believe 30 min

Second Coming  (tv) If Jesus Christ of Nazareth were to come back to the earth as a  

30 min
Jesus is Coming Again Which of the following headlines would be the most sensational  29 min
Read the Book-Wine If the bible is the text book 30 min

Is Drinking A Sin Is drinking a sin. I'm talking about drinking booze (TWT )

29 min
Bible Misconceptions  In China these days you can see 30 min
  Bible Misconceptions-No Immortal Soul They say you can prove anything  30 min
Bible Misconceptions (tv) Surest way to avoid being permitted aboard an airliner  29 min
The Life and Times of Jesus 1 (tv audio) Ancient Rome 29 min
The Life and Times of Jesus 2 (tv audio)  Most people would say ... 28 min
The Life and Times of Jesus 3 When most people think of Palestine they usually 30 min

How Jesus Appeared (tv) If ah, several hundred years had gone by. Now (poor)

30 min
Smile Jesus Loves You  Smile, Jesus loves you, goes the bumper sticker  30 min
The Skeptic  A skeptic might look around at this world of ours today  30 min
Russia in Prophecy Does the bible make any sense in the Space Age. Do things like taxes   30 min
Christian Salvation What did God ever do to you. Now I know a lot of people think that   30 min
The Real Jesus We'd like your help in ah, locating a criminal type This reward poster says  30 min

Read the Book  (tv) Well, wait a minute, don't adjust-Biblical illiteracy  

27 min
The Sex Revolution 1  -  The Sex Revolution 2   29 min






The Real Jesus  Garner Ted Armstrong, religion  30 min
The Real Jesus  If Jesus 30 min
Eating and Health The great American pass-time 29 min
The History of Bread This is the age of foodless food 29 min
  Heart, Health and Exercise  (Heart-beat) If he could have known 30 min
Mental Health (Birds) Kind of getting hard to keep a good tranquil 29 min
  The Fortieth Anniversary of The World Tomorrow  AGF This is the 40th 30 min
  Mid-East Crisis  (TWT)  Could anyone have predicted 30 min
  Questions Answered  Questions, questions (poor) 30 min
Why Were You Born  (tv) Bewildered, that's a term 30 min
A Knowledge Explosion We're in the midst of a knowledge explosion 29 min
      The Fortieth Anniversary of the Plain Truth magazine For forty years now  30 min
  False Prophets  One third of the bible is prophecy 30 min
  End-Time Campaign in New Orleans (About Hiroshima) 30 min
  Excerpts of GTA on "Four-corners"  29 min
Origin of Easter1  -  Origin of Easter2  -  Origin of Easter3   29 min
Easter and the Quartodecimins (TWT)  They hold up one finger or two
30 min
      The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse 1-6  (tv audios)   
FH1 - FH2 - FH3 - FH4 - FH5 - FH6
30 min
Origin of the Universe Adam and Eve 29 min
Seven Proofs God Exists 2 According to science   29 min
Seven Proofs God Exists 1 (tv) In the beginning was methane 29 min
Seven Proofs God Exists 1 (tv) Know thyself and   29 min
Seven Proofs God Exists 1 Every time you get up 29 min
Seven Proofs God Exists 2 Since evolution (tv)  30 min
Seven Proofs God Exists 2 Can't you just see it. Evolutionists, atheists 30 min
Seven Proofs God Exists 2 Your alive!  29 min
Seven Proofs God Exists 3 Is it all fiction af, 30 min
Seven Proofs God Exists 4 When the new   29 min
Seven Proofs God Exists 4 If you were looking for a  29 min
Seven Proofs God Exists 4 The complete family album  29 min
Seven Proofs God Exists 4 Its an age  29 min
Seven Proofs God Exists 5 Which crash was it  30 min
Seven Proofs God Exists 5 Giant jet aircraft had designers 29 min
Seven Proofs God Exists 5 Which religion would be the most  30 min
Seven Proofs God Exists 5 Did the miracle of flight   29 min
Seven Proofs God Exists 5 This is my fine Swiss watch  29 min
Seven Proofs God Exists 5  29 min
Seven Proofs God Exists 5 When you first wake up in the morning 29 min
Seven Proofs God Exists 6 What would it 5176/5179/5516 30 min
Seven Proofs God Exists 6 People think Jesus Christ was almost anything  30 min
Seven Proofs God Exists 6 Everybody likes to find  30 min
Seven Proofs God Exists 6 Who's your favorite prophet. Jean Dixon  30 min
Seven Proofs God Exists 7 Does prayer do any good.   30 min
The Sermon on the Mount (TWT) Since society is founded upon lies 30 min
What is the Kingdom of God How far have we c  30 min
Jeremiah AGFATW If you could know the future in advance, tomorrow 30 min
The Nature of God Part 1  -  Part 2  -  Part 3 30 min
The End Times Part 1 You are living in the time of the end. B 30 min
The End Times Part 2 The world in ferment. Nation after  30 min
Utopia  How close are we to a time when we 30 min
Nuclear Destruction  (tv) (MUSIC) Countdown for an atomic bomb  30 min
What is the Gospel  You know people do desire a u 30 min
Harmony of the Gospels If peace were to break out tomorr  29 min
Is Christ Divided I was asked are we living in the close of an age  29 min
The Kingdom of Christ  By twenty fifty 29 min
What's Ahead in Prophecy What's ahead in the Middle E  29 min
Who Was Jesus The best of the big news you can  30 min
Why Christ Came Mankind will either put an end to war   29 min
World Government Is mankind fore-doomed by some fate 29 min
The Missing Dimension in Knowledge 1 Just think,   30 min
The Missing Dimension in Knowledge 2 How can we say  30 min
The Big News  The big news seems to go unnoticed  27 min
Nuclear Peril In August of 1945 the world discovered that 29 min
Twelve Rules to Rear a Delinquent (TWT) Twelve rules f 29 min
Twelve Rules to Rear a Delinquent We now face a nation filled with you  29 min
Jeremiah No matter who is elected as America's  30 min
Mars  Will they find life on Mars 30 min
Child Rearing Hi, meet somebody who lives a dogs life 30 min
Crisis in Agriculture You are living in the end of an age  30 min
Your Religion The big news is we'll still be   30 min
Where is Your Security Part 1  -  Where is Your Security Part 2  30 min
What Good is Religion  What good is religion if it doesn't 30 min
The Real Jesus The big news of the world tomorrow was brought to this  29 min
Why Were You Born If you were asked by a  29 min
The Unknown God What is the real missing dimension i 30 min
Our Bankrupt Pagan Society One of the greatest hypocrisies    29 min
Seven Proofs God Exists-Coal  Won't it prove embarrassing   30 min
Seven Proofs God Exists-Coal The biggest and the best news you could h  28 min
End Time Events It doesn't make sense. It isn't right. It   28 min
Why Accidents You know some of the funniest things you've  29 min
Nuclear Weapons It sounds strange but the best way to disco 29 min
Spaceship Earth Spaceship earth, on a journey we know not where 30 min
The Spirit of Science Science has given us the means of h 30 min
Religious Ritualism Is your religion any good to you if you  29 min
The Real Jesus The good news of TWT a strange title  29 min
The Good News AGFTGTAWGN of the world tomorrow and 30 min
Is Sex Sin If there is any one universal prob (Damaged@6m) 29 min
The Resurrection (tv) What has the world today got to do w (HR1) 29 min
The Resurrection  (tv) What are we. Are we just a soul inside of  30 min
The Resurrection Wouldn't it be weird if a political poster w 30 min
The Resurrection What a world it would be if you (HR2) 30 min
Prayer Every day people pray. They pray in India. They pray in ... 30 min
Emergency In Space AGFATW What are the problems that  30 min
Some Fishy Stories The myriad forms of life found in the sea  30 min
Heaven and the Resurrection Most people have their own personal point o  30 min
Heaven and the Resurrection Its easy to believe 30 min
Heaven and the Resurrection (Inter' HEAVEN IS A PLACE) Confusing isn't it. 30 min
Heaven and the Resurrection Traditional concepts of heaven coming ey 30 min
Heaven and the Resurrection (Int'-Afterlife) Its only logical isn't it, I mean if God  30 min
Heaven and the Resurrection What happens every time someone dies in war 30 min
Heaven and the Resurrection (Where do you) Can you 30 min
Heaven and the Resurrection People in East Berlin 30 min
The Gospel (TWT) What if you could know the future 29 min
Human Nature The problems of this world would be 29 min
Human Vanity The only solution for this worlds ill 30 min
Changing Human Nature (TWT) Until human nature is changed we 30 min
Bible Prophecy - A United States of Europe is coming (muff)   30 min
The Coming World Government The biggest issue of our d 30 min
Playing God (TWT)  Too many people in the world 30 min
The Modern Romans -Food (Int' Joe, what do you think of m) 29 min
The Modern Romans NY What would you think if someone 30 min
  The Modern Roman World Give me the hearts - Lenin (muffled)  28 min
  The Youth Drug Scene (TWT) Never before in history 26 min
  Inflation (tv audio) Money is two things 17 min
Is This the End Time-Inflation Who's in charge here   30 min
  Is This the End Time-Alcohol AGFATW The most popular disease in the world  30 min
Is This the End Time AGFATW Battered by inflation  30 min
End Time Series AGFATW Today humanity needs a world order  29 min
Is This the End Time-Jeremiah AGFATW There's a t -(FORD) 29 min
The UN AGFATW I suggest a new name for the UN 29 min
Jeremiah and Inflation Well at last (New Series) Oct-Nov-1974 29 min
Jeremiah and the Law Today world statesmen 29 min
  The Occult 1  -  The Occult 2  -  The Occult 3  29 min
  Ancient Mythology Man alone of all creatures harbors 28 min
False Beliefs The big news of the world tomorrow is there 29 min
Read the Book No mainstream Christian church accepts t 30 min
Science Surely science can save us from science. Surely science 30 min
Modern Romans Where are we in the world today, right  29 min
Questions and Answers We get a fair amount of mail about 29 min
The Utopian Dream Once upon a time there were millions o 30 min
The Black Horse Is the era of stable weather completely over 29 min
The Gospel Live We should perhaps draft a letter that we could send to leading  29 min
Is Man Immortal AGFW How long has it been since you went to a funeral or heard  30 min
Xmas Well its Xmas time all over again  29 min
A Super World Government  Unless some kind of super world 29 min
Heaven on Earth (Last 9 min)  -or the church you attend but 09 min
Night Campaign  I don't believe  - late 1974 poor but improves 30 min
True Science  We know how to put a man on the moon 30 min
What is Your Hope  What is the real hope for world peace 29 min
A Loving Invader  In the world tomorrow we will have a 30 min
Nations In Prophecy Look at the way the world has cha  30 min
Inflation What is inflation. What causes it 30 min
The Cause Of Crime AGFATW Is crime going to destroy western civilization  30 min
     Schoolbook Smut In a world of shocking sensational mind boggling 30 min
Peace This world wants peace 30 min
  Oregon Campaign  52 min
What Will 1975 Bring The good news is that no military units   29 min






  Who Controls the Weather We live in a world increasingly aware of and depend up   30 min
Mid East Oil  In every car and tractor your going to find oil  29 min
Mid East Armaments Kissinger shook the world when he said the U  29 min
Mid East Arms Race  There's got to be some thinking that is beyond that  29 min
The Mother of Harlots Will 1975 be the turning point in all of human history  29 min
The US Arms Trade There is one industry that seems to be completely recession proof  29 min
Mid East Arms The greatest transfer of wealth in all of history has taken place   30 min
     Ad' for PT  - Juvenile delinquency, gambling, health issues like smoking  76 sec
Kurt Waldheim Interview (Died 14-June-2007) What a paradox it is that with  29 min
US Arms Deals Well technically we're a world at peace  29 min
Lovers and Money Can you buy friends, I mean can parents buy friends of their children   30 min
Bible Prophecy  AGFATW Have you ever tried to buy friends. The U   30 min
US Arms Agreement Well for the very first time the United States army is going to sell  30 min
Ambassador College There is a cause for every affect  28 min
The UN and Jesus  The United Nations was mans last hope for peace 30 min

I Will Come Again  (tv) Jesus Christ of Nazareth said he would heal people and no on 

30 min
Age of Foreboding AGFATW How can you talk about today's   30 min
  Guns vs Butter You can go just about out of your mind trying to decipher  29 min
      Easter and Passover AGF At this time of the year people begin thinking about Easte  28 min
Why Were You Born AGF Isn't it strange that science and technology echo U  30 min
Modern Romans-Business In the United States of America we live in what is called an  29 min
The Four Horsemen Nations don't go to war just because, they go to war for reaso   30 min
US Soviet Relations Well with the joint United States Soviet space adventure a great gest  30 min
  San Francisco - Night 1 I was telling people just barely before the Yom Kippur  30 min
  San Francisco - Night 2 Well what am I doing here tonight. 30 min
Prophet of Doom AGF How do you view this confusing world today -gloomy  30 min
  Vietnam in Retrospect The long war is over the headlines said. Peace after 12 years 30 min
Heaven and the Resurrection Millions of people hope  30 min
Has the Pulpit Lost its Power (tv audio) The pulpits of our people 30 min
To Kill a People Stunned Americans may now reflect upon the exultant headlines  30 min
Guns or Butter Want to stop a war, its simple, just spend money  29 min
      America Today AGFATW At this time with American prestige being shattered around the  29 min

The Watchman (of Ezekiel 33) (tv) Did you get the news about the energy crisis 

30 min

Salvation Supermarket  (Ch9) (tv) Religion today comes in every size and every shape 

30 min
     GTA in Jerusalem AGFATW This is GTA speaking to you from Jerusalem 29 min
     Gideon Hausner Interview Its time we realized what a tinder box the Middle East 30 min
Unemployment Whether you listen to radio or television you hear the experts telling you  28 min
Is There a Real Hell Here we are living in the Space Age and yet people still believe  27 min
  Vietnam No Peace No Honor All the men All the guns All the sacrifice, all in 29 min
The Automobile Glittering like a bejeweled fabulous royal crown another beautiful auto  30 min
Prophets and Prophecy (Ch9) poor tv How would you like to know the future in advance  30 min

Newscaster  - When (Ch9 tv audio) Jesus Chist Superstar are you really who you say you 

30 min

Jesus Christ a Prophet Everybody knows there are prophecies (Bit Muffled)

29 min
Harmony of the Gospels 1 I've heard the bible called lots of things   28 min
Harmony of the Gospels 2 You can prove anything by the bible they say. Well no you c  28 min
Harmony of the Gospels 3 tv Jesus died to save sinners Christ died for you Honk if you  30 min
Harmony of the Gospels 4 How many sacred cows, colloquialisms, time honoured  29 min

Best Efforts  Does-sum total of all evangelism, religious tracts, booklets, magazines 

27 min
Charles Manson America is still number one, in murder. We're not number one in many oth  29 min
UFO's 1 The book is still warm so I know the little guy was really here  29 min
UFO's You know its getting so you can scarcely believe what you see anymore  30 min
UFO's It seems about the time we began hearing about the drug cult  30 min
UFO's Most people are completely unaware of the fact that we live in a world peopled  30 min
UFO's There's a tremendous interest in ESP and UFO's, spiritism, spiritualism  30 min
Mid East Prophecy Why is the Middle East such a crucial part of the world  30 min
Crime Can Be Stopped In all crime categories about 65% of those arrested for burglary, f  30 min
After Death (Int:What is death'-I guess death is the end of life) Much of modern relgion  30 min
After Death Then What (When you go do you want) What's- business of dying  29 min
Leviticus 26 You live in a changing world, one that is changing so rapidly  30 min
Nuclear Weapons And now more than a hundred nations are struggling with the problem o  30 min
What is Death The very worst possible news we as human beings can ever hear  30 min
What Happens at Death Millions believe science will someday create life in a labor  30 min

After Death The most shocking news you could ever hear

30 min
Heaven and the Resurrection Every day we live if we listen to the news or read a  30 min
The Modern Romans Where are we in the world today, right now  29 min
Life and Death What's it all about. Why are we here. Why were we born and where 30 min
The Rise of Europe A united states of Europe is forming. We're going to live on over into  29 min
US Nuclear Stockpile The United States has over 30,000 nuclear weapons at home  29 min
The Kingdom of God If you were a king for a day, king of the world that is  29 min
The Coming Kingdom Its really great that millions of Christians are willing to forgive Ch  30 min
God's Coming Government Strange isn't it that world leaders, statesmen, generals, poli  30 min
  NATO Summit in Belgium This is GTA speaking to you from Brussels Belgium 5075 (GvH) 30 min
  GTA in Brussels This is GTA speaking to you from Brussels the capitol of Europe 29 min
  PM Tindermans Interview It was the second day of the NATO summit conference in Br 29 min
  GTA in Washington This is GTA from Washington DC speaking to you from 29 min
  GTA in Washington This is GTA from the nations capitol. I'm seated in a beaut   30 min
      GTA in Paris This is GTA with -- As Iv'e said recently, strategists political and military
29 min
  The Gospel Series
TG01  TG02  TG03  TG04  TG05  TG06  TG07  TG08  TG09  TG10
TG11  TG12  TG13  TG14  TG15  TG16  TG17  TG18  TG19  TG20
TG21  TG22  TG23  TG24  TG25  TG26  TG27  TG28
30 min
      Rapallo Helsinki In the tiny town of Rapallo Hitler achieved a goal that amounted to secret  30 min

Human Nature is the Problem AGFATW Everyone knows what the problems

30 min
     Understanding Prophecy 1 If you could know the future would you REALLY want to 30 min
      Understanding Prophecy 2 AGFATW If you knew what the prophecies say about  29 min
Attempt on Ford The national anthem of the United States probably is going to be changed  30 min
     The Best Kept Secret - Gods Personal Dealings 66 min
The Knowledge Explosion Look at all that we know in the world today We know  30 min
Religion Religion who needs it I mean in the space age with Mars landings and lunar landings  30 min
The Soul You ever think what a paradox it is that in this age of science and technology  30 min
US Arms Trade AGFAW Well some of the most sophisticated weapons that the United St  30 min
A Spiritual War 1 What is really normal about this world in which we live. Is it normal to 29 min
A Spiritual War 2 I'm here to tell you I believe with all of my heart that a nuclear bom 30 min
US USSR Arms AGFATW The trappings of a worldwide colonial empire are of course 30 min
US Arms Sales AGF Your hanged if you do and hanged if you don't is the way the United  30 min
Child Rearing 1 The United States of America faces an epidemic of youth crime. Youn  30 min
Child Rearing 2 Hindsight is 20-20 Its so great to see things in retrospect  30 min
Child Rearing 3 The thrill kill hits the press.  30 min
The US Navy For years the United States has been persuing through SALT  30 min
US Leadership AGFATW Millions of human beings around the world are boycotting  30 min
The Gospel Explained The fact that Jesus died is not the gospel. The fact that Jesus preac  30 min
Why Were You Born We live in a fantastically beautiful yet independent world   30 min
Child Rearing 4  Today's murder may be yesterdays temper tantrum. 30 min
Child Rearing 5 The next time you go to a restaurant to eat take a look ah, at the families th  30 min
Child Rearing 6 A sex revolution among teenagers is what it amounts to today US 29 min
Growing Crime AGF Crime is not a campaign issue in an election year yet it's one of the big  29 min
Future Gov Pt1 They said in San Francisco in 1945 what they were doing there was the wor  29 min
Future Gov Pt2 The United Nations represented mankind's last hope and if that is true then I  29 min
A Great Prayer AGFATW It seems only a few years ago  30 min
Crime AGF Just because it happens is it news, and if its news should you know about 30 min
World Government The greatest need for humankind today is world government  29 min
Xmas AGFATW Peace on earth or is it going to be earth in pieces  30 min
  Energy Here Today Gone Tomorrow Energy makes our world go 'round 29 min
End Time Deception (Live) We're in a kind of a period (very poor) 29 min

Nuclear Energy-Risk or Remedy   This is the San Onofre nuclear power-

29 min
The Atomic Club AGFATW The Middle East is now the worlds most  29 min
Overview of 1975 1975 a year that was 28 min
GTA on Hee Haw  (With Buck Owens) He worked a great work  02 min



  NATO Who Needs It? Why should Americans be interested in Europe 29 min


Events in South Africa (TWT) noisy  AG From no policy at all towards

29 min


The Rhodesian Situation (TWT) (No intro) - and then came Angola

28 min

     Food and Population How will the world feed six billion people (poor) 28 min
     Middle East in Prophecy AGFATW The most important place on the face (poor) 28 min
     Is America Going Mad The United states of America in a time of global crisis (poor) 29 min


Marriage Hi this is GTA How long did it take you to decide to marry

46 sec

Message for Kissinger AGF And now the United States is talking tough again 45 sec
  The Only Solution  AGFATW The greatest need in the world to (Overspill damage) 30 min
  The Watchmen  (Live) Doing the will of God is (Gap@12m)   25 min
Religious Understanding AGFATW What is your religion. Is it any good 21 min
America in Prophecy AGFATW Where will you be about five, seven, ten years 18 min
The Modern Romans AGFATW What are the chances for the survival of the 19 min
Jeremiah AGFATW The test of a nation is the growth of a people, spiritually, physically, 18 min
Jeremiah AGFATW The dramatic increase in the sale of modern weapons (very muff)  30 min
The United States in Prophecy AGFATW If you could read next years headlines 10 min

Europe is About to Unite AG The continued existence of any free soc 

30 min
  Asleep on a Bomb Pt1 - Pt2 - Pt3  What if someone 5483-5 There's a new book 30 min
Mid East Arms Race Out of Control AGF Is the United Nations on its last legs  30 min

Money and the Economy AGF Go now and pay later that's what they say whether your 

20 min

The White Horse AGFATW What religion are you? (Don't believe everything) 

29 min


The Modern Romans AGFATW News you hear of this world today is not usually very 

30 min


What is Human Nature - Part 1 (In Pasadena) Hello, how are you. My name is M  

30 min

What is Human Nature - Part 2 Now there is a struggle that is going on-   30 min
Read the Book AGFATW Millions of professing Christians are really big hearted  30 min
Election '76 Grinding Away Pt 1 How many times have you ever been given a traffic  28 min
Election '76 Grinding Away Pt 2 How in the world can you be a member of your o  29 min
In the Wake of the Elections Its a crazy time. It really is. Alarm and apathy just should  29 min


South Africa AGFW What do we really want out of South Africa.

30 min

Visitors From Space Part 1 I have absolute evidence this planet of o  29 min
Visitors From Space Part 2 Why don't most people in religion understand these  29 min

World Government Is the bible up to date in the Space Age

30 min

Misplaced Blame 1 - Misplaced Blame 2 Misplaced Blame 3

29 min
Modern Roman-like Society AGFATW what's happening to the family in the Unite  29 min
Has God Changed AGFATW Has God changed? Has his mo  30 min

Being Born Again AG Many people say one of the main things that helped Jimmy 

30 min

Thanksgiving Fall harvest festivals are a part

30 min
The Plain Truth About Xmas AGFATW Tis the season to be jolly   30 min
The Black Horse AGFATW What is religious about a drought. I know the bible talks about  30 min
The Red Horse AGFATW You remember exactly what you were doing on December 7 29 min
What is the Church You ever notice the tremendous similarity between soap ad's and church  29 min
Famine AG Do you know that another war in the Mid  30 min
Awake Alert and Aware 1 How many hours would you say it takes to make a savage  29 min
Awake Alert and Aware 2  I'm here to tell you that the tiniest little country in 29 min
Awake Alert and Aware 3 The United States of America doesn't seem to realize that  29 min
The Occult AGFATW You know almost every major movie company has 5 or 6 devil m 30 min
Crime Can Be Stopped AGFATW Crime is not an impersonal monster  30 min

Crime Crisis Almost everywhere you go people complain, criminals arrested  

30 min

The Family Challenge Pt1  -  Pt2  -  Pt3  

29 min
The Black Horse Are the days of cornucopia America coming to an end (Climate Change) 30 min
Crime and Punishment Don't you get sick of hearing some of these tragic assaults on the el  30 min
Climate and Farming The American cornucopia, a superabundance of food  30 min
Violent Entertainment Well the last time I made a program I said the chances of really cha  30 min
Summary of 1976 Happy new year they say year after tiresome year   30 min





  Ocean Pollution AGFATW Disasters have always been predicted and so of course  30 min


GTA in Seattle on the Family Unit I would like to address not only the Seattle

84 min


The Times of the Gentiles I was asking the people in San Diego because that was

79 min

      The Red Horse AGFATW What are we in the United States. Are we an empire  29 min

Bible Misconceptions Hi this is GTA. You know a lot of people think I'm an

24 min
  GTA in Australia (Sydney Showground) Greetings everyone, first time in 16 years  (poor) 90 min







Missionaries and Salvation  Is God trying to save the world today

30 min


How Jesus Acted  (tv audio) I've met all kinds of interesting people (poor)

30 min


Misassumptions About Xmas and the Sabbath Ever visit the inside of an insane

30 min


The Resurrection  (tv audio) (No intro) -is first, then we which are alive and

26 min

  Separation of Ambassador College and WCG --for later replay in Australia, South 96 min


Australian Animals (poor audio) (MUSIC) -may not have ants in the pouch but he

29 min

Absolutes (tv audio) Evolution is based upon the denial of absolutes 29 min


Misconceptions About Jesus (tv) The life and the love of Jesus. That's right (poor)

29 min


Time Chance and Circumstance  (Night Campaign) - If you can understand that

30 min


Questions and Answers (no intro)-God urges people not to have feelings of racism

25 min

GTA The Country I Love  04 min